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over the summer my two best friends (both with straight hair) went with the whole emo thing. I've been thinking about it and have gotten some clothes but theres always the thing with my hair! Its really curly and i don't know if i want to ruin it by straightening it everyday or if i should just cut it some cool way.. I'm so confused right now and i hate feeling so different when im hanging out with them
Curlz... Frustrating but Gorgeous


  • craziia111craziia111 Registered Users Posts: 42
    there's nothing wrong with being different! curly can look edgy with the right cut
  • JoridJorid Registered Users Posts: 19
    if you want, you can only flatten the front and leave the rest of your hair really messy

    but. dont go emo just because your friends do it. at least if you dont feel comfortable doing it. different people are the best!
  • curlykat:]curlykat:] Registered Users Posts: 12
    oh god, i had the same issue a while back.. i ended up straightening the front of my hair into this really bad emo fringe and now i look back and think OH DEAR!
    plus having curly hair stopped me following the crowd so much which is good i guess. i think pretty bows and clips and stuff look great in curly hair though so try that :)
    2C/3A :)

    "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"

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