HELP!!/ Shedding hair/ Post-chemical treatment

Ok, just like a couple of years ago, I'm starting to shed more hair than normal after having had a thermal reconditioning treatment (Bio-ionic straightening) a few days ago. I thought my scalp would react better this time since I went to t professional salon instead of a beauty college.

My hair LOOKS fine, straight and sleek and all, but seems to be coming out little by little at the roots. It doesn't seem to be breaking at the roots; just coming out loosely (I think). I tried oiling it and the hairdresser who did my hair even gave my scalp an oil treatment with lightweight, cleansing oils about 3 days ago. I think that overstimulating it just makes it worse.

I'm thinking the problem isn't so much that it lacks oils; rather the problem is the PH balance.

Any ideas on what I can do to stop the shedding? Should I use cold water on the scalp so that I don't overstimulate it with warm water? Should I use aloe rather than vinegar to try to restore the PH balance? I am only guessing that the PH balance is off....I'm not really sure why it's coming out of the roots after having a mild chemical treatment and the hair looks healthy.

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