hair all on one side

does anyone style their hair with all of it on one side?
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this is the only picture of someone with curly hair doing it but i'm sure a lot of you have seen people with straight/straightened hair brushed over to one side of their head

anyway, someone told me that people with curly hair shouldnt do that, but I'd really like to try it when my hair gets longer

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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    I don't know if people with curly hair are supposed to do that or not. I personally wouldn't do it because I feel it would accentuate my profile, :profileleft: which I don't like.
  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Posts: 4,306Registered Users
    I can't say what you're supposed to do, but I know the asymmetry would bug me intensely if I tried to wear that style! :lol:
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  • wildsheepchasewildsheepchase Posts: 161Registered Users
    I hate looking at people with their hair all on one side. Like Paris Hilton's mugshot. It just really bothers me. I think it reminds me of the 80s when side ponytails were cool, but kinda always just creeped me out.

    Sorry, that's not really an answer, but wanted to chime in anyway.
  • RozettaStoneRozettaStone Posts: 695Registered Users
    That would drive me crazy, but I can't even stand to wear an asymmetrical neckline (these were big in the '80s, too!). I think it would feel weird, too, especially if you have a lot of hair, as one side would feel heavier than the other. I don't know why it would be "bad" for your curls but I guess the ones underneath could get weighed down and flattened out.
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    It seems too contrived. I don't care to look like a poser :clown:
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    It looks confused to me. :drunken:
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