I just got a major haircut. It was halfway down my back and now its between chin and shoulder length. I really like the cut but all of the sudden it gets greasy so quickly! it looks all stringy. I cut down on how much product I use and its still getting greasy. I even did an ACV rinse yesterday and didn't use conditioner afterwards and its stillll stringy. I haven't changed anything except the length. Here is my routine: CO wash with VO5 kiwi lime every few days, then use a little bit of trader joes nourish condish in shower. On soaking wet hair I put in some Ck and then two pumps of magick botanicals gel. Then I scuntch with a microfiber towel. Please if you have had any experience with this or any advise I would realllly appreciate it! My hair never had a problem with looking greasy before :(


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    Perhaps your scalp sebum is getting down the strand more easily because it's shorter and closer to the scalp. It's also possible that your hair just gets clumpier as it gets longer.
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    should i start shampooing everyday?
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    Shampooing every day could very well just make your scalp produce more oil. You could try a sulfate free shampoo every other day, or less. I would wait things out. If you use any shampoo, you should still moisturize.
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    hmm i really have no idea what to do...does anyone else have any specific advise?
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    Well, I did try to go poo-less and it just didn't work for me. But I can't really go more than two days without shampoo, my scalp gets oily. Not extremely oily, just looks icky. I've switched from sulfate ridden shampoos to natural ones by Avalon Organics or Nature's Gate and my hair seems to be fine. HTH.
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    yeah i guess i will just have to start using sufate free poo...its werid though because when my hair was longer CO washing wored great.
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    When my hair is shorter, I usually end up washing it more too, but that was before CG, so I don't know what would happen now. Even if you try a sulfate-free poo, you don't have to give up co-washing.

    For example, I use a sulfate-free poo about once a week and co wash inbetween. Just experiment!
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    It might be that because your hair is shorter and you are noticing the oil more. Have you noticed that you play with your hair more on a daily basis, ie. flip it back and forth, put your hands in, etc? That can also make make your hair appear more oily. It could also be that if your hair is shorter it might have been layered a little more, which can sometimes make hair look a little thinner, which would draw more attention to the oil in your hair. I know these might sound extreme, but I am just trying to think of everything that it could matter how small. I would try using a shampoo that is designed for oily scalp and start by using it every other day, or every couple of days. If that doesn't work try it every day. If it starts drying your hair out try adding a deep conditioner once a week. You might also try using a different mousse or gel that gives a little more volume and thickness to your hair. I hope this helps a little, if I think of anything else I'll let you know.
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    I'm not familiar with that gel, but two pumps sounds like a lot of gel for shorter hair. Also, maybe your short hair needs different products? And maybe try using less CK, too? Did they use any products on you when you got it cut that may need to be shampood out?

    I would shampoo with a sulfate, then do a good DT (if you don't have a heat cap or bonnet drier, you can warm up a maistened towel in the microwave and wrap it around your head with the DT in to get it heated up for extra penetration). Then I would rinse, and not put in any products, and see how it does.

    If it isn't greasy after this, then nest time you do your hair, add in small amounts of product (maybe add one product in each day). If it gets greasy, you know that it's either the product or the amount of product.

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    thanks for all the good advise! I'll be concidering it all and putting it to the test :)