Curls after pregnancy

My situation seems the opposite from the other posts. My hair became curly after having a baby two years ago & it has stayed curly/kinky. I have always had straight/do nothing hair until now. I kept waiting for my hair to return to it's prepreg. state, but I don't think it is. I enjoy the curls but I need help with styling. :afro:


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    HI there! When I was pregnant with my now 3 year old, my hair grew so much in that time. Immediately after I had her, my hair began to break and shed badly. Not only did it do that, it also halted growing. It began very hard to the touch, dry and extremely brittle. It lacked all shininess. So, I was forced to do the BC. I would rather sprout short healthy looking hair than damaged and unhealthy hair for the sake of keeping the length.

    My hair texture has changed and has become kinkier than before. And it is still growing very slowly. For the past three years it has been cut short, because it was taking too long to grow. I have challenged myself to let it grow back longer like it was. I love it long because there is so much more to do with it than short. The last time that I got it cut very short was 09/06.

    I am still waiting for things to go back to normal as it was before pregnancy and birth.

    Good luck with your new found curly locks. I am sure that you will learn to love them as well. And just know that your hair may return to it's straight state or it may not. It is not unusual for both to happen/occur.

    -Nicki :protest:
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