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Regarding Post I Did In Going Shampoo-Less Forum

Hello everyone. :hello1:

I wrote a very, very long post in the Going Shampoo-Less Forum, entitled I Really Need Help! I don't know how to do a cross-post, or even if I am supposed to, but I need advice, so I will take risk. :glasses7:

Maybe someone in this forum will take a look at my post in the other forum and have some advice? I would very much appreciate it. :love1:


  • marybethmarybeth Posts: 342Registered Users
    here you go unpoof...and, yes, it is called a thread. :wink:

    Just to prepare you, this is a really long post, so you might need a snack happy1 just to read it. Sorry.

    Hi. I've been reading posts all over the place and I am so confused. I know many people on this website do not care for the DevaCurl line of products, but I did purchase them, so I am looking for advice from anyone who does use them and/or has knowledge of how to use them.

    I did read the CurlyGirly book. Unfortunately, the book was written before the DevaCurl product line existed, it seems. Some folks on here have been kind enough to try to help, but I must be dense, because I still don't know what I am doing (embarrassed). I have only been a CG for one week, so I have had to endure all these Shirley Temple comments and/or strange looks from my co-workers, but I am determined to love my curls. If the DevaCurl line does not work for me, so be it, but I must try it for awhile, since I laid out the cash for it. My hair is kinda layered and just about at my shoulders when it is dry, and the top is shorter, with bangs -- eek.

    Maybe if I just write my questions and number them, that will make it easier if anyone is kind enough to respond. If you want, you could describe how YOU use the products and how often, if that is easier. Believe me, I will be watching this thread (is that what it's called, a thread?) for days....

    After I post this, I am going to take a nap, because I spent so much time on this website last night that I went to sleep really late and could hardly keep my eyes open at work (not to mention what a grouch I was). My hair looks rather startled right now, so I need to hide under the covers for awhile.

    I should tell you that I don't wet/un-poo my hair every day. No matter how it looks, I wear it for about 2-3 days (I am brave, huh?)

    Here goes: help

    1) What is the purpose of the No-Poo?

    2) Do I use the No-Poo on my scalp AND on my hair?

    3) Am I supposed to use the No-Poo every time I wet my hair or just occasionally?

    4) Am I correct in that I am supposed to use the OneCondition always?

    5) When I use the OneCondition, am I supposed to clean my scalp with it as well, or am I supposed to keep if off of my scalp?

    Oh my, that is enough questions for now. Anyone will need the patience of a saint to answer me. angel5 Oh, yes, I did watch that teeny-tiny DVD that came with the Travel Kit, but it wasn't detailed enough for me, I guess. scratch

    Thank you in advance fellow curlies! salute

    Your help will make me happy to be vivaciously naturally curly!
    I think I'm a 3A/3B.
    Totally new to going naturally curly.
    Can you believe it?
    Location: Southern California, Los Angeles County

    3Aer...Botticelli Curls

  • cymprenicympreni Posts: 9,609Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Some people love deva, some don't. But it has worked for many, I don't think anyone would say that it's not worth trying out.
    unpoof wrote:
    Here goes: :help:

    1) What is the purpose of the No-Poo?

    No-poo is a shampoo replacement, sorta like a more cleansing condition
    2) Do I use the No-Poo on my scalp AND on my hair?

    I only used it on my scalp but would do full hair if I felt I needed it usually about once a month.
    3) Am I supposed to use the No-Poo every time I wet my hair or just occasionally?

    No, only if you need to. depending on your hair type, and oil production your usage can be anywhere between every few days to once a week.
    4) Am I correct in that I am supposed to use the OneCondition always?

    that's kinda dependant upon your needs as well. Some people only use it every few days, some every time. I used it every day myself.
    5) When I use the OneCondition, am I supposed to clean my scalp with it as well, or am I supposed to keep if off of my scalp?

    once again, dependant upon you. Some people's scalps don't like conditioner others do. If you have a drier scalp it might like the conditioner, other's don't. If you find your scalp getting greasier then normal then it probably good for you

    I'm no expert in anything that's not my own hair, and even then I have to do alot of guesswork at times. Just take everything 1 step at a time. And start being more observant of what you hair wants and needs. It all seems quite overwhelming at first, but once you start figuring stuff out, it's really quite simple.
  • rejoicingcurlygirlrejoicingcurlygirl Posts: 654Registered Users
    I use the nopoo about once a week on my scalp only. I use OneC everyday, but my hair is recovering from being very dry and damaged so others might not need it that often.

    I agree with the previous post some people love Deva and some don't. You will find what works for your hair it just takes a little time. Don't give up!

    BTW i don't know if you have the [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-BLeave-In-p-434.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-bleavein]b'leave-in[/buylink] but I didi not care for that particular product, it left my hair feeling like straw..... go figure.

    Keep asking questions!
    3A; I have HG products!
    Curl enhancer: Mop-C curl cream
    DT: Deva Heaven in Hair; JC WDT
    Gel: B&A; Arc Angel
    Conditioner: Deva OneC; JC too shea
    Frizz fighters: CK, JCS C&S
    PW: curlynow
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Hi marybeth, cympreni and rejoicingcurlygirl! :wave:

    Marybeth, thank you. I'm glad I used the correct terminology (thread), or nobody would have known what the heck I was talking about! :confused3:

    I must say that you are all very computer saavy. I couldn't figure out how to get my post to appear in this forum but I'm glad you did, Marybeth. Thank you!

    Cympreni, I know how to reply with one quote only, I haven't graduated to two, much less five! Thank you for answering my questions so patiently. I am re-reading your answers as I write this:

    I have to use the OneC everytime. My hair is not processed, just naturally dry. If I didn't use the OneC, I would look like OneWreck! :ncool:

    I'm not sure if my scalp likes conditioner. I am worried that I have been putting the OneC on my scalp because it has amodimethicone in it. Wouldn't that clog my hair follicules up? I wonder if that is what is making my scalp itch and flake, and I can scratch stuff(?) off of my scalp. I know I have sebborrheic dermatitis (sp?), so I am very worried about aggravating the situation. I will try the brown sugar again, but I won't mix it with the conditioner, I guess. :scratch:

    Rejoicingcurlygirl, my hair could probably use TwoC, if they made it! :happy5: I used the [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/DevaCurl-BLeave-In-p-434.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=devacurl-bleavein]B'Leave-In[/buylink] once, then skipped it the next time, then used it again the next time, so I am not sure about the straw-like effect yet.

    To all, thanks for the good help and advice -- you are all really sweet. :love5: Don't worry, I won't give up and I will keep trying to see what my hair likes and dislikes. I can't give up. Now that I've shocked the hell out of everyone at work with my hair as it naturally is, and have had to endure a multitude of comments, :boxing: I feel I owe it to myself to find a good "ritual" for my hair.

    Because.... I just don't wanna go back to the blow-drying tug of war anymore. I don't know if I will love Deva if my scalp keeps itching. As I said above, I will try some brown sugar again. In the event that I don't love Deva, I will continue my quest with the rest of the curly-headed community. :salute:

    P.S. I'm sure I'll have more questions...I always do. :tweety:
  • marybethmarybeth Posts: 342Registered Users
    unpoof (love that name by the way),

    all i did was copy the text from your original post and paste it into a new post in this thread. you just highlight all the text you want to copy (drag down with your cursor), press ctrl+c (copy), then go to the new post, click your cursor inside the text box, press ctrl+v (paste). that will work inside any web page (unless the text is a graphic, and not straight text). so, for instance, if you want to copy text from another web site and paste it into a post/thread on this site or into word, you just copy the text from the web page, go to the other program or website and paste, viola! it also works in all the microsoft programs, word, excel, outlook, etc...

    as far as your questions on the products, i have not used the deva line yet, although i am awaiting the trial pack. i am currently trying jessicurl and am very happy with the results so far.

    keep at it, don't be a slave to your blowdryer! :cheers:
    Location: Southern California, Los Angeles County

    3Aer...Botticelli Curls

  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Thank you!

    Hi Marybeth! I tried cutting and pasting and it didn't work. I must have goofed something up???? Glad you came to my rescue, though. :wink:

    I'm still not sure about the Deva line. Don't go flying out to buy big sizes of anything until you're sure it doesn't make your head itch. I've seen other posts about it making some folks itch.

    Just between you, me, and the rest of this website, :laughing9: I think I itch if I have too much coffee as well, because I read coffee releases antihistamines. However, we can't believe everything we read either.

    Good luck with your trial pack. Everyone's hair is different, and everyone's scalp is different. People have reported both good and bad experiences with the Deva line. I have problems with everything lately. :dontknow:

    P.S. I just looked at your photos. You have terrific hair. It looks great with the Jessicurl...why would you want to switch to something else? Just curious. I have no pics, but my hair is never that calm.

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