I'm back, and I need help!

I periodically go through straightening phases with my hair, and I remember why every time I go back to curliness: I can't find the right product combo, and I just get overwhelmed. Things that work for everyone else just seem to fail on me. Right now I am considering trying CK again. I tried it years ago, and I'm not sure I gave it a fair shake: I only tried it with the other chs stuff, and my hair was a frizzy mess. On the other hand, most products with a lot of propylene glycol cause frizz for me. But maybe it's because I don't treat my hair right. WHY IS CURLY HAIR SO CONFUSING? And expensive! And the breakouts! Aaaaaargh.

(For those wondering why I bother, I think wearing my hair curly is healthier, and straightening takes an eternity on my near BSL hair. Maybe I should cut it all off.)


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    Please don't be so frustrated and sad,
    You don't have to spend money to maintain healthy curls!

    Before using a lot of different products you should start with a very simple routine.
    Creat a simple routine by asking yourself questions:

    What does your hair need? Moisture?
    Then start using conditioner regularly.
    I recommend using a silicone-less conditioner at first (V05).

    How often does your hair want to be washed with conditioner?
    Some girls prefer a daily CO ,others do it every other day or every third day. Experiment and find out.

    Do feel the need of shampooing? It's okay ,then do it, but only the scalp. You may want to protect your length by applying some conditioner there before you poo.Try to cut down shampoo to once a week or so. Shampooing can be drying to the hair ,so don'T overdo it.

    Is your hair damaged,dry? Does it have splits?

    If so ,you could get a trim or do search&destroy missions. Then prevent splits and breakage by doing regular moisturizing deep treatments.It doesn't have to be expensive .I do most of my treatments at home.

    That's basically it. As soon as you have a basic routine ,you can modify.
    The basic routine only needs conditioner,(shampoo )and a weekly deep treatment

    I hope that helped

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    Well, I took my own advice and cut my hair short this weekend. I think it looks better. The longer my hair is, the more frizz I have to fight. Somehow, when it's short it's OK for it to look messy. I can't do the whole CG thing. I have tried over and over. I think having it short will make it more manageable. It's certainly an improvement over 30 min. of diffusing and having it still wet.