Thinning shears. Why not?

I’m convinced that my hair could be helped by someone who has skills with thinning shears, but two hairdressers have said they won’t do it. Their logic is that it is better to have heavy hair, because the hair will weigh itself down. They say that, if thinned, my hair will be more flyaway and will stick out more.

I reject their logic.

First of all, my hair will never be flyaway. My hair is coarse and wiry and sticks to itself in the shape of curls. If ever my hair becomes flyaway, I will happily walk down the street with my hair flying behind me like a beautiful flag :)

Second, my hair is very very very thick. The reason it sticks out and looks poufy is because there is so much of it. It’s very heavy too. I get headaches from it. I just want less hair. Why can’t I get anyone to understand that?

Your thoughts?
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  • MaureneMaurene Posts: 69Registered Users
    I asked about thinning shears a few weeks ago but I'm in the opposite boat. Just about EVERY hairdresser I have ever gone to wants to take thinning shears to my hair. (When I was younger, my mom even bought her own pair to use on my hair.) But I am worried that using the shears may cause more flyaways and disrupt the curl pattern now that I'm wearing my hair curly. (The longer my hair get the better it curls.)

    You do have a lot of hair and I'm guessing that maybe the curl is what is scarying the stylists off from thinning. I'm not sure if you hair has any layering - but I do think thinning works best with layered hair.

    You know your hair best, so I say give it a shot. The last hair cut I got, the stylist didn't use thinning shears but she did thin the bottom 2-3 inches of my hair layers with regular shears. I haven't noticed more flyaways or anything.
  • CelebrationCelebration Posts: 134Registered Users
    Thanks, Maureen. My hair does have long layers. I have had more layers in the past and that made my hair go in tight little curls that I didn't like at all. So I want to stick with long layers (no layers = triangle head for me). It seems like if the stylist knew what they were doing, they could thin it without disrupting the curl pattern.

    I also think that a lot of stylists don't want to take the time to really study my hair and work with it. I've been going to one stylist for about 6 years and she keeps doing different things. Last time, she blow dried my hair straight first and then cut it. She said it would help her see better what was going on!

    Then, I tried a new guy who was recommended at a different high price salon. The owner assured me that this guy knows curly hair because his wife has curly hair. Well, this stylists seemed almost afraid to touch me. He made tiny little snips and sent me on my way. It was weird...

    I don't know what to do :(
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  • MaureneMaurene Posts: 69Registered Users
    You could use the thinning shears on yourself if you are willing to invest in a pair. After seeing countless stylists use them on me, there really isn't anything to it. But if you've never seen them used, I might not try it.
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users
    If you're interested in getting hair debulked, the Ouidad carve/slice will do it, if there's a Ouidad-certified stylist in your area. But I've seen befores and afters of women with Deva cuts and Christo cuts which are NOT debulking cuts, but their hair was definitely less bulky and hung better. I would stay away from the thinning shears or the razor.

    ETA - you have gorgeous hair!
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  • chewychewy Posts: 17Registered Users
    You definitely will do well to try taking thinning shears to your hair. I've been using them on myself for years. My hair is similar to yours, but much shorter.

    I'd say do it yourself. It's really simple. Really, really simple.
  • DominicanaHeatDominicanaHeat Posts: 2,729Registered Users
    Your hair is a lot like mine!

    I find that YES, growing my hair longer did take away from the volume. When I had my hair at your length, it was HUGE! Now my layers are past shoulder length and I don't find my hair that huge. It's weighed down.

    Big, shorter hair, major volume: /home/leaving?" class="Popup

    Hair is longer and yes, still thick, but as you can see, the volume isn't as much as the photo above:
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    I just want less hair. Why can’t I get anyone to understand that?

    Your thoughts?
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    Well . . . maybe because your hair is what so many of us would KILL to have?!
    I think I've read that the Devachan-trained people do not use thinning shears or the razor trimmer. When I got my cut by a Deva-trained person, she did however de-bulk my hair, very carefully & precisely. It felt a lot lighter, and I don't have anywhere near the quantity of hair you have. Have you been to a Deva stylist?
    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. People must follow you down the street just to look at it. I wouldn't do a thing to change it or alter the shape, but it's your hair.
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    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. People must follow you down the street just to look at it.

    This made me laugh out loud! Thanks, Rozetta!

    Thanks to everyone else for your helpful comments, too. I haven't decided what to do about the thinning idea. My mother knows how to use them, so I might have her give it a try.

    Also, after looking at DominicanaHeat's photos, I can see that there is hope yet that my hair will eventually weigh itself down. I just have to keep growing it.... patiently.... :)
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  • MagooMagoo Posts: 2,173Registered Users
    Celebration, you've got some beautiful curls. I have a very thick head of hair like you but yours seem to lie nicely whereas mine just poof out but that's because I need a good cut and can't find anyone who will get it right :( .
    I agree Dominicanaheats pics definitely give me hope that growing my hair out will help to weigh it down some. I just have to find the patience.
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