I had my hair chemically straightened....

goodchar130goodchar130 Posts: 3Registered Users
And it looked really good for awhile. But then the new growth started coming in, and it was a pain to flat iron it everytime I washed my hair.
After flat-ironing my hair over and over again until my hair was completely new growth, my hair was full of split ends and breakage. There is no way to describe how unhealthy my hair looked.

Before I go on, I have to say how big and frizzy my hair was before I had it straightened. I couldn't even put it into a ponytail it was so thick. I always thought God gave me too much hair.

In a way, the Chi process (straightening) was a blessing. It calmed and relaxed my hair, and my hair is not as frizzy as it once was. Sometimes I may say it was worth it, and sometimes I don't.

But I still have a hard time finding the right products.

I'd like to hear from those of you who have also chemically straightened your hair and anyone who knows of products that work really well!!

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