what am I doing wrong? (help me pare down my stash!)

I have VERY VERY fine 2B hair gets weighed down easy - very easy. So I am left with limp and often stringy waves at least by mid-day EVERY DAY.

My hair needs: lots of volume, frizz control (Texas humidity!), curl definition and strong hold. But I think using one product for each "need" may be too much? I do realize amount of product and technique can make a difference, but I think I have that part "down" (I can't apply to soaking wet hair and I am very stingy wit anything new to start)

So just from what you know and seeing my (lenghty) list, which products do you guys think could be weighing me down too much? I am not strict CG (tried 2x and blech) since I shampoo frequently.

SHAMPOOS: (pooing daily seems to give me more volume)
[buylink=]Elucence Volume Clarifying shampoo[/buylink]
[buylink=]MOP C hydrating shampoo[/buylink]
Activate Hydrating poo
Alba Plumeria Hawaiian
TIGI oatmeal and Honey

CONDITIONERS (I can't do any as a leave-in-flat hair)
PM THE conditioner
Aloeba Daily Conditioner
Loreal Nutrigloss
HE Dangerously Straight
Tigi Moisture Maniac
TIGI oatmeal and honey
Redken Fresh Curls
[buylink=]Deva One C[/buylink]
Suave Ocean Mist
VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Therapy
BTB Pomeg Peach, Rasberry Almond and Coconut Mango-(this one has a 'xane in it!)
Wella Hydrating Purity Rinse
Curl Junkie banana hibiscus deep fix

CURL ENHANCERS (I use small amounts and on creams I emulsify with water in my hand to get better distribution)
TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier
ISO bouncy creme
[buylink=]JC confident coils[/buylink]
JC rockin ringlets (is this a gel or a curl enhancer???)
Mop C Curl Creme

Bedhead Control Freak
Loreal Anti-Frizz Cream

GELS/HOLDING AIDS (mousses seem like the answer for fine air but I never get very much hold from them)
HE Body Envy
Aura Hypoallergenic
Loreal Tightly Round Spray Gel
[buylink=]JC Gelebration[/buylink] (I think this is too oily)
Alagio Thick Volume building gel
Umberto Gianni curl twist/scrunch gel

Can you say JUNKIE? LOL I have some Trader joes on the way too and about 6 pre-modified-CG - with the SLS and ALS first on the list - but I don't even touch those anymore.

Thanks for any advice on what to get rid of......I need to thin it out to try some new things (I promised DH!) I want to give mousses a try again thanks to the mousse vs. gel thread!

P.S. I am also thinking of trimming about 2 inches off my BSL hair - I know for most curlies longer is better b/c the length gives better formation, but for my fine hair, it may be also what is weighing it down.....[/u]
very fine hair-daily humidity battle
2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
Current faves: EMBC, Mop C poo, LOOB, Recoil, CK, HE BE gel


  • MagooMagoo Posts: 2,173Registered Users
    Well, I usually look for things that weigh my hair down to dec. volume.
    I'm not familiar with all the products on your list but for me, at least, PM The Conditioner, Tigi Curls Rock, and Loreal Nutrigloss Condish seem to weigh my hair down or knock out volume. I have a sample of the Mop C shampoo that I haven't used yet but from the ingredients it looks like it has a lot of oils in it so that could also weigh you down.
    Tigi Moisture Maniac seems to tighten or enhance my curls when I use it but I find it pretty heavy and thick so I'm thinking that could weigh down fine hair. The Jessicurl products CC and RR are also pretty curl enhancing.
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    thanks magoo.

    I'm wondering if I should avoid oils completely? My hair is colored so it needs moisture, but the oils may be too much. Or at least avoid products that have multiple oils or an oil more than half way up the list...
    very fine hair-daily humidity battle
    2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
    Current faves: EMBC, Mop C poo, LOOB, Recoil, CK, HE BE gel
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    I also have fine, wavy hair and used to have frizz issues. I also like to add volume.

    I try to use all curl enhancing products so I usually use:
    [buylink=]DevaCurl NoPoo[/buylink] or VO5 Tea Therapy Clarifying Vanilla mint Conditioner to wash. Maybe once every other month I use Elucence Volume Clarifying shampoo

    DevaCurl OneC or B2B Jasmine Curl Enhancing Conditioner to condition.

    No leave-in

    then one of these combos to style:
    CK and Boots
    [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] and [buylink=]DevaCurl Angel[/buylink]l
    [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] and Boots

    Then I plop for at least 10 -20 minutes. Air dry after if I can. If not I diffuse.

    Oils, gels (other than Angell) and proteins don't work for me.

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    The one thing that helps me hold my curls all day is Aussie catch the wave sprunch spray. I also will spray some where I need lift at the roots and fluff it up. I use my regular products, just use this as a finishing spray. After a round of golf in the wind, my curls are still there.
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    What is a typical routime for you?

    I'm not a type 2 but I just tried Joico JoiWhip mousse and it's giving me more volume (which I like), plus good definition and hold. And if I have definition and hold, I don't have much frizz.

    I left a little Deva Curl One C in underneath the mousse.

  • 23 Skiddoo23 Skiddoo Posts: 337Registered Users
    The TIGI Oatmeal and Honey works well for me during the winter, but tends to weigh me down during warmer months. Maybe you can set those aside during the summer months or get rid of them altogether. I like RR and [buylink=]gelebration[/buylink], but they are both a little too greasy for me during the summer as well. Try going for a more liquidy conditioner too. One Condition and Mop Top are my faves.

    You're definitely right in saying that a product for each of your intentions is way too much product. Also, many of the products you're mixing probably don't play nicely together. If you're thinking about mixing a couple of products, mix them in your hand before putting them in your hair. That will tell you whether you'll get a white, sticky film from product separation on your hair.

    The difficult thing about being a fine-haired wavy/curly is that frizz reduction tends to be antagonistic to volume and curl enhancement. I tend to get more volume if I just keep my cocktail down to one or two products. I like thin, liquidy products like Curlisto Structura and CK because they are easy to distribute, do wonders for frizz reduction, and they don't leave my hair flat or stringy. Like you, I like small amounts of creams too, but you have to be careful. Some creams, Curls Rock comes to mind, do not play nicely with other products. When Curls Rock mixes with any water-based products, it tends to form white, boogery clumps. Since you and I seem to have similar hair, I have a question for you: how do you like [buylink=]AG Recoil[/buylink]? I've always wanted to try recoil, but I'd like to hear from another fine wavy/curly if it's going to make my hair look like poo before shelling out the bucks for it.

    For humidity, I tend to divide my hair into four sections (two front, two back) and squish just a dime sized blob of creamy enhancer mixed with a nickel sized blob of liquidy product into each one. I then scrunch with my microfiber towel and add a little bit of gel if it's really humid or windy. Next, I diffuse until three quarters dry and leave it alone. I scrunch out any remaining crunchies with a bit (just a dab! overdoing this will leave you greasy) of some greasy product (I like Set it Free, but anything oily or creamy will do).

    For us finer curlies, the cut will make or break our hair's overall look. As for the cut, just tell your stylist to take off a couple of inches and add in some long layers for bounce. As I was growing out my layers over the last year or so, I thought my hair was becoming less curly, but it was actually just getting tangled together and dragged down. Adding layers has made my curls look more 3a instead of 2b again, which is how they were before I grew out the layers. You probably don't want too many layers, as it might make your hair look see-through, but a few long layers will make a huge difference in the amount of curl and volume you get.

    Good luck with the cut! Finding the right products/product types has more or less helped me alleviate my product junkie tendencies, and I bet it will do the same for you.

    EDIT: Oh lord, I didn't realize how long this was! I'm really sorry for writing you a damn dissertation. I'll try to be more succinct in the future.
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    thanks to all of you!!!

    and skiddoo - I love dissertations, especially when they are helping me with hair issues! LOL

    As far as how I like [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink]. I like it. I have only tried it a couple of times, and of course with different variables in regards to the other products, so I want to try it more with some new combos. The first time I used too much (typical I know). The second time was better.

    But nothing has given me definition and volume I get with curls rock. It is amazing. I almost have to smoosh it down a tiny bit but then I remember the weather is going to do the smooshing for me so I leave it alone! It's also very soft and no crunch or gel needed - but it also has it's issues - I am noticing some producty feel by the end of the day and some halo frizz along with a bit of stringyness. But I'm also deeling with 95% humidity on most days here lately. And I have great hair until at least 1:00 - which is huge for me! LOL

    I am focusing on step one right now - trying to find a shampoo that does not strip my hair, gives some volume, but not too much moisture - all while still removing any cones I've used. LOL. So far Elucence volume clarifying is prob my fave.

    I do think I will start using One C again as I really liked it - although it seemed to be heavy - but eveyrone keeps bringing it up so I will try it again. I also like Redken curls conditioner - it is very lightweight. [buylink=]Elucence MBC[/buylink] seems to be nice too. I am going to save my TIGI moisture maniac for deep treats. :)

    Anything with a greasy feel KILLS my hair, so I have decided no more oils, at least if they are in the top half of the list of the product. Jessicurl stuff just leaves my hair a stringy mess (although I can see how awesome it would be for true 3 or 4 type curlies.

    My cut is already exactly as you described - long textured layers and now that I have seen what curls rock amplifer can do for me, I no longer feel the need to cut it off just yet. But if I do will keep the long textured layers, just move them all "up" a bit :)

    Thanks again for all your suggestions! Today I will try elucence poo with deva c, recoil and HE body envy.
    very fine hair-daily humidity battle
    2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
    Current faves: EMBC, Mop C poo, LOOB, Recoil, CK, HE BE gel