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Just found this site and I'm excited! I think I have 3a curly hair. I had hair down to the middle of my back (wore it curly) and cut it short 5 years ago. That started my days of blow drying and the flat iron. Since then, I've had 3 children and do not have the time to straighten. Besides, I think my hair looks healthier curly. Long story short I've had bad haircuts. Razor, thinning, overprocessed color you name it. It is currently layered with the shortest at my crown about 3 inches, the sides fall below my chin. It's sort of like a very layered inverted bob. Because of the thinning, the ends are wispy and do not lay right. I need to find a curly specialist in my area. I've read about 6 salon in Royal Oak, MI on here. Anyone from the Metro Detroit area who can recommend a good one?
Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


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    Glad you found this site, it's wonderful. I went through the same, blow drying, flat iron and everything else that comes with that. I've been natural for about 1 year and it's been wonderful. :wink:
    So welcome aboard!!!!!
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    I don't have any suggestions about the salons but just wanted to say Welcome! :afro: and congrats on deciding to go curly.
    You'll definitely find a lot of great advice and suggestions on here.
    You might want to start a new post with your question in the topic regarding the salons in Detroit. That might get more of the MI curlies attention.
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