Two Questions...

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Can anyone tell me what a tunnel cut is--Or perhaps even provide me with a link where I can see a picture of one? Also I live in the Toronto area and was wondering if anyone knew of any great salons (curly-friendly of course) in downtown or even uptown Toronto?
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    a tunnel cut removes bulky hair in small sections so you don't get that 'big hair' look. /home/leaving?" class="Popup from Jonathan Torch's website for more info.

    If you're looking for a salon in the GTA why don't you try his salon at 85 Sheppard Ave. West phone 416-362-1068
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    Check this story out about the Tunnel cut before you go....Chocolate Curls got one and it was a nightmare for her. I know every case is different but it's worth a read.

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    I've been to Jonathan Torch's salon but NEVER got a tunnel cut. I love my big hair!