Escents Shine On Hair Gloss - used twice

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Shine On Hair Gloss. 2 oz jar. This is a solid pomade that softens when you warm it in your hands, like the Aveda Humectant for example. I have used it twice. The shine really is great, but my hair is quite fine and I think this is more suited to hair that frizzes.

Ingredients: Water, wheat germ oil, Fragrance (including essential oils of chamomile & cedarwood), maiden hair fern extract, horse chestnut extract, aloe vera extract, rehmannia chinensis extract.

"Designed to separate curls or smooth out straight hair while adding brilliant shine, hair gloss is enriched with extracts of aloe vera & horse chestnut to soften and moisturize while reducing frizzy fly-aways. Wheat germ oil is rich in amino acids to promot lustrous shine all day long.

Apply a small amount to hands and use fingers to distribut evenly through wet or dry hair."
3b/c - I love to wear it puffy, the more volume the better. :)

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