Anybody do the Denise Austin routine on TV?

princesscurlyprincesscurly Registered Users Posts: 81
I want to do it but only if it's worth it. I need to shrink my butt , thighs, hips (typical girl areas) and hopwfully flatten my abs for the summer as we are spending it at my cousins beach house I will be spending ALOT of time in a swimsuit. :roll:

So what I am trying to ask is: Has anybody done her routine? If you have what were you're results? Is it worth it or should I find something else?


  • WiggilyhairWiggilyhair Registered Users Posts: 780 Curl Connoisseur
    I do her routine sometimes. There are two shows on- one right after the other and if you do them both you'll get a fairly good workout. She usually combines aerobics, toning and yoga or pilates in each half hour show which doesn't give much of a workout of any of the three. That being said, what she does do is all good. I just wish the first show was all aerobics and the second show toning/stretching.

    If you get the channel Fit TV that is an excellent channel for at-home workouts. Caribbean Workout is wonderful-some days aerobics, others weights or pilates. Sharon Mann's show is great. There are several other workout shows, even one just for yoga. If you go to you can see what the workout is going to be for each show since there is a calendar for the month.

    Years ago on Lifetime there was a great workout show-Charlene Prickett. She lives in Canada and may still have a fitness show on tv there.

    I have worked out at home for years and a good source for fitness videos is Charlene Prickett has some workout videos available in this catalog.
  • PoodleDooPoodleDoo Registered Users Posts: 24
    I love Denise Austin!! :D:D I use her "Sizzler" video most often. I lost seventeen pounds doing that workout every day and my butt tightened up ALOT......and it's alot of fun. I also own her kickboxing workout (Title, "Blast Away 10 Lbs."). She's very motivating and real. Not like those Barbie dolls in "The Firm" workout. :shock: :lol: It's like The Stepford Wives in leotards!!!
  • ladypladyp Registered Users Posts: 40
    I use to do her workouts 5 days a week. They work because she continually changes the excercises . one day u work on abs, then buns, etc. its worth it.

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