Deep condish...that isnt JC Too Shea

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I cant stress how much I have been desperatley seeking a good deep condishioner that doesnt weigh my hair down. I bought my very first [buylink=]jessicurl too shea[/buylink] on all the rave reviews on here (even more of a big deal because I had to wait aaaaages for it to arrive in the post) Unfortunately, my hair didnt like it too much. Around about the same time I discovered anita grant. I have noticed in the product reviews anita grant is in the pull down menu but I couldnt figure out how to most my review so I thought Id put it here. Appologies if this isnt where its meant to go but I really want to share experience of it....
If you love chocolate, this is the condish for you lol. Ill just list the ingredients just so you know how unchemical this stuff really is...

Rhassoul clay powder, Organic unrefined cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, 100% Organic Green & Blacks pure cocoa powder, unrefined murumuru butter..(the next ingredient not totally sure what it is) MSM Methyl sulfonyl methane/Methyl sulphonyl methane), Organic chilean honey & 1000ieu of natural soya derived vitamin E

How do you use it?
It comes in a solid form. It reminds me a bit of lush henna, you have to break it up and add boiling hot water (or rinse of your choosing) then you mix it to a paste. Apply and wrap in cling film and leave it for as long you feel necessary.

It smells lovely, doesnt looks so lovely. But my hair absolutely loved it and you dont actually have hair that smells too strongly of chocolate afterwards. Oh and washing out wise I didnt actually have that many problems as I do with henna (I know its not the same but it does really coat your hair with brown goop consistency)

Before i tried this I had horrible dry tangled hair that seemed to be coming out in clumps. After this I actually have hair thats shiner than I ever thought possible with my hair. Its a shame about [buylink=]too shea[/buylink] because i really like the smell but...what my hair likes is what my hair gets.
I hope my review has been helpful and that I havent posted it in the wrong place.
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    What an unusual sounding product! I'm intrigued. And this is exactly the right place to post your review. Thanks for writing it up. I love the idea of putting cocoa in my hair. :wink:
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    Sounds very nice! I'm interested, too. So it doesn't leave the tub area looking like it was crapped on? It rinses clean off the porcelain? Cause I hate when richly colored products leave residue and stains everywhere...

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    When they make the product (handmade like lush stuff) Im guessing its probablly a hot liquid and its poured it into moulds. So you get something similar in texture to the henna solid bar.But I am pleased to say its no where near as messy!

    It does leave residue when rinsing out in the tub and you will of course have to watch out for spills if you make consistency too runny which i did once (it did get a bit messy lol ) Having said that there is nothing in it that a little rinse and wipe wont fix. Although not sure about plastics and what its like clean off when its dry. But Im sure the mainly cocoa based product behaves as it would when its in the kitchen.

    I got a few other samples of her things which Ill post a review on later. Just wish I knew how to post it on other thread because its similar in ethos to the American company Oyon I think its called the one that makes [buylink=]Greg juice[/buylink] lol Im going to try that next just have to patient with postage.
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    I've tried it twice, and both times it left my hair dry and rough, not soft and detangled at all - the contrary, extremely tangled and strawlike, as if there's TONS of proteins in it although I don't think there actually is any protein in it at all.

    I *love* the other Anita Grant products I have tried - the whipped butter, the pomade, the amaretto-whateverthename body cream... but the Rhassoul condish, not at all.
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