over conditioned

Also as you hair gets in better condition you have to adjust the amount of your good conditioner you are using. I dont know how much you are using but lets say you were using a quarter size then try dropping down to half that or even less and see how that goes. I cant just use VO5 or Suave alone. I have dropped the amount of my second conditioner alot though and Im not getting over conditioned now. I have also dropped my leave in for now. I put my second conditioner on and just barely rinse it out. I didnt drop my leave in at first though but it was still to much so I had to cut it out also.

I also use to slather CO on my ends before doing a diluted shampoo and I have stopped the CO in that also. I now just use diluted shampoo on my scalp and let that run down the length then condition. I use this method as my clarifying. I dont like to use clarifying shampoo because I color my hair and it seems like they really strip the color off.

I received a sample of HCC and when I use that I can just use it like a regular shampoo doing the length also, then follow up with conditioner. Seems like this also helps when I feel like Im starting to get over conditioned.


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    OMG I dont know how I got this as a starting post it was suppose to be a reply...sorry

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