Dryer Concentrator Attachment Instead of Diffuser?

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Does anyone use the concentrator attachment on their blowdryer instead of the diffuser and have a routine that gives them good results?

I hate walking around with wet, crunchy hair for 5-6 hours even after plopping for 20-30 minutes & then diffusing for 10 more (I don't have the time or patience to diffuse any longer than that). I decided to try mousse instead of gel this morning thinking maybe it would dry faster plus give me less crunch. WRONG! I tried the Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse and once I had dried a little, I could tell I was going to have absolutely no hold or definition (no crunch, though). I finally got fed up and scrunched in a little B&A gel and started drying upside some more with the concentrator, flipped up & switched to the diffuser to do the top side for a couple minutes. My hair isn't too bad & I actually got to leave the house this morning with dry hair. I got big fat waves, some spirals and tons of volume, which I love. The curls aren't as tight or defined, but I think if I could get a better routine down, it would be worth the trade off for me. Any suggestions?
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