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Is urea in hair care products a good thing or a bad thing? I mean why would we want to put urine into our hair.

when I look up urea in the dict. it says a soluble nitrogenous compound that is the chief solid constituent of mammalian urine.

to me that sounds like something you don't want to put into your hair what do you guys think?

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products im using NS condis and
ocean waves and la looks gel


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    curlygirl8 wrote:
    why do some of the best brands use urea that's so gross isn't it I mean, urea comes form urine right so why would we want to put that into our hair.

    I guess I have to keep looking for products that don't use urea.

    3A/3B long hair

    The urea ingredients you find in products are most likely synthetic and commercially produced as a preservative.
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    Urea is produced from synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide. It's no more gross than any other chemical in beauty products.
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