Revelation: I like frizz

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So, last night I conditioned my hair and used a combo of products from my stash that I'd never used before. To my surprise, when I woke up this morning my hair had a very minimal amount of frizz and guess what? I didn't like it. So I fluffed and pulled and created a bit more frizz and it looks so much better.
I think I might be insane :laughing9:
Am I the only frizz lover out there?


  • curlynikkicurlynikki Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte
    I'm right there with you! If I don't have frizz, I look like I'm rockin' that Soul Glo :thumbdown:

    Frizz (that is still somewhat in my control) is my friend.
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    Nope, you're not insane. I love frizz & texture mixed together. There are types of frizz I hate too.
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  • curlynikkicurlynikki Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte

    Yay! I saw your shout out to my night time routine in your fotki. I'm happy it works for you. Its definitely a life (and time) saver.

    Last Saturday, I went out and had one too many drinks (as usual) and i had a presentation that next morning, so I definitely needed second day hair. Although I was too tipsy to remember how and when I got home, when I woke up, my hair was pulled down into a neat little pony and I was definitely sleeping on my satin pillow case. I wasn't that drunk! :laughing9:
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    LOL at Soul Glo comment. Yep, your nighttime routine is great. In fact, that's what has allowed me to start showering and doing my hair at night. A complete time saver.
    You've reminded me, I need to update my fotki. The pictures are several months old.
  • CheleighCheleigh Registered Users Posts: 552
    I have lots of kinky straight hair, so I think that "frizz," is actually a part of my hair texture, so it's not going anywhere. My hair will never be fully defined without any frizzy texture.
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  • teshonteshon Registered Users Posts: 1,127
    I viewed your hair album and your hair is way cute :flower:

    Oh! I can't help it I'm addicted to frizz. I love BIG hair!!!
    3c-4a; Protein Sensitive(forms of wheat, keratin, soy and anything "hydrolyzed"). My hair hates coconut oil and jojoba oil(sometimes). PW: crazycurls
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  • curlywifecurlywife Registered Users Posts: 198
    I love a little frizz to my hair. I have 4a hair, the type that when dry it's a curly afro. I absolutely love my hair. As a matter of fact, I came to the conclusion that I do not like to do wash n gos (maybe I will when my hair is much longer and not too much shrinkage). When my hair is wet, it is extremely curly and it shrinks a lot. Then once it dry, i have to pick it out some to get it to be the "big curly funky afro" that I like. I have a new routine thats been working great for me. I wash and detangle once a week at night. I apply my [buylink=]curls milkshake[/buylink] and IC Fantasia (currently looking for a lighter gel) at night. I delicately finger part my hair down the middle and down the side. I put 4 plaits in my hair and pin them down. Put a scarf on and go to sleep. I wake up and fluff out for the big cute funky afro that I love. That's it. I plait and pin down for the next 5 or 6 nights. Then I wash again and repeat. Works great for me and does not take up a lot of my time. Plus, I love the results of my hair.
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  • curlynikkicurlynikki Registered Users Posts: 2,420 Curl Neophyte
    teshon wrote:
    I viewed your hair album and your hair is way cute :flower:

    Oh! I can't help it I'm addicted to frizz. I love BIG hair!!!

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    Yeah, some frizz is good. I be working it. :tongue1:
    J&J Baby Shampoo fugged up my hair! :thumbdown:
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    Ha ha, I love this thread. I thought I was the only one who liked frizz :) I love big hair too! Maybe because it's not easy for me to get it--I have fine hair, you see--and I need some fluffiness for texture. I never understood why people seemed to always want to combat humidity; I've always liked it! Well, I'll admit there are some ridiculous types of frizz as well (which I've of course experienced), but I've always liked to have at least some frizz--not just for volume, but also for a more natural look. It's definitely a question of taste; I don't like perfectly defined hair because, in my case, that comes with a set of either stringy, pitiful-looking, crunchy, or all-together artificial-looking curls.
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