Curly Cuts in Halifax?

senglundsenglund Registered Users Posts: 7
Anybody know of a curl friendly stylist in Halifax? I'd love to go to Devachan in New York someday but until then I'd appreciate a good local recommendation.


  • eastcoastwaveseastcoastwaves Registered Users Posts: 54
    I live in Halifax! I go to the same stylist I've been with for 8 years..she's not a curl specialist, but she certainly knows MY hair & how to get the best out of it. The salon is a Head Shoppe in Bedford. I'm afraid I don't know of any "curl specialists", but if you see someone on the street with curls similar to your witha cut you like, stop them & ask who did'll probably make thier day! :D
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  • senglundsenglund Registered Users Posts: 7
    In reply to my own question - just in case others end up looking here. I tried several stylists in Halifax. I had gone to one for years but she priced herself out of my range and seemed to stop listening to me - my hair was curlier and even though she has curly hair she just wasn't doing anything good. I felt extremely unstyled. So - to make a long story short I tried several hairdressers - looking for someone who specializes in curly hair. One of them even advertized that they did so - that was the worst and I am still working on growing out that mistake. But - I have finally found someone who listened - was extremely interested in the curly girl routine, has curly hair and (best part) I actually like the cut I got. It feels more styled - has shape but allows the curls to do as they will and a month later I think it is looking better than before. That is good - so I will recommend Christine at Sykea on Spring Garden to the curlies in Halifax who are still searching. So far it's working for me.
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    I went to one when I was 12, I think it was called London Hair Design. It was dowtown on top of a Dairy Queen (sorry, I'm not from Halifax and this was a few years ago). I don't know if she's a curly specialist though, but she did help my hair with chemicals. I never got my hair cut there. Worth a look?
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