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Hey ladies, well I have3b hair i use HE gel and sometimes tresemme mouse*which i want too replace) ... I find my hair is REALLY DRY and also since i stopped using shampoo REALLY ITCHY....i have dandruff all of a sudden!!!! I am looking for a cheap drugstore product to restore my very dry hair into shiny and beautiful and NON DRY hair without spending a whole lot of money and also something that I can get at a well known drug store, bc i live in Canada. If anyone can help me it would be greatly apperciated thank you!!!!


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    How long has it been since you went CG? Some people find they go through a really weird stage initially where they get itchy but then that kind of goes away. Also, have you tried clarifying? I'm not sure what's in the Tresseme mousse but maybe you have some buildup for the styling products. I find that I get builup very easily even with CG products so I'll do an ACV or baking soda rinse midweek.
    You could also be dry due to protein sensitivity. Does the Tresseme have protein in it?
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    Magoo wrote:
    Also, have you tried clarifying? I'm not sure what's in the Tresseme mousse but maybe you have some buildup for the styling products.

    I was going to say, did you clarify before you stopped using shampoo altogether? You probably are developing build up...if I'm not mistaken the Tresseme mouse has a cone in it.

    Also, what are all of your current products? As Magoo said, it could also be protein build up, so we can determine that if you tell us what conditioners you are using.
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    Whats claifying lol? I guess that answers that question, can anyone suggest anything else?
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    You can't just stop using shampoo. If you're still using products on your hair that contain certain ingredients w/o shampooing them out, you're going to get a build up of those ingredients on your hair and scalp. The build up is going to hang on to dirt and bacteria, and it won't be "washed" away w/ just conditioner.

    If you are doing the no poo routine, you really need to read up on some information in the "Going Shampooless" board. Or, a good idea is to just get the Curly Girl book and read how you're really supposed to go about it.

    I believe on the main forum page, or under 'articles' you can find out what products are water soluble (meaning they don't need to be washed out w/ detergents) and which ones need stronger shampoos to be washed out.

    You have to pay attention to ingredients in your products b/c if they contain things like silicones, or waxes, or mineral oils, they won't be removed unless you shampoo, and all you'll be left with is dirty hair.
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