curl enhancing creme or gel...HELP

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I have fine 3A shoulder length hair, it gets weighed down easily. I just want something to make it bouncy and shiny, lots of things I try seem to zap the shine and almost make it feel dirty...or sticky even.

Then I try things that make it nice and bouncy but almost too soft where the curls just poof out. I use Thermasilk volumizing mousse ( I have 4 cans left...I think it's discontinued :( but I usually use some kind of creme underneath it to help shape the curls.

Redken Fresh curls is terrible on my hair, Aveda curling stuff (forget the name) is ok, but I've not found something I really really like. Any suggestions at all?
3a fine hair (I think)

CoN poo and Biolage Conditioning Balm
I love CK and B&A gel...I like HETT Mousse


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