Think I finally found a good routine for myself

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I think I finally found a staple routine. I use to go everyday co-washing and then applying a leave-in and IC gel. Well...I'm tired of using gel every morning. :disgust: So i was looking around on Motowngirl's page and I decided to go ahead and try something new. I ended up shampooing to get rid of probably a week's worth of gel, added my all time favorite now Africa's Best Organics Leave-In Liquid Hair Mayonnaise ( I love this stuff!!!) to help detangle my wet hair, then two strand twisted my hair up in sections and instead of using gel to hold the style I just decided to use Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream instead. It was extra helpful with detangling and parting. Surprisingly it only took me a good hour...don't know if that's good or not, to do my whole head. Afterwards, my hair looked like it was just loving the change of style. I noticed that when my hair is dry or if I'm not doing something right, my hair turns brown and dull, but when it's moisturized correctly, it's jet black with a high sheen. Well, it's jet black right now, and i just took out the twists today. It's still extra soft to the touch..and it smells nice!! Another good thing about these twists is that I could trim my ends better. I think i finally got the last bits of relaxer off...thank god. Plus i can actually shake my head...and my hair moves, lol and i like the wild textured look. So, I think this will be a regular routine for me now. Co-wash once or twice a week (depending on the condition of my hair) and twist up hair before bed, take out the next day or day after and wear as is for that week, Shampoo at the end of the next week, repeat twists before bed, and repeat cycle. I think it's about time I gave the gels a rest for a while. I think my hair and scalp are thanking me right now for it too. All i need right now is my delicious Mayo and Butter. We'll see how it all turns out. I'll also be experimenting with other I'll keep ya posted!! :cheers:
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