Recommendation for good reconstructive conditioner?

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I'm going to transition from flat ironing my hair for 5 years back to my natural curly. I think I'll need a good reconstructive conditioner to get started...any recs??


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    Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment is a good one that a lot of people like.
    Also if you do a search in the recipes section, there's a lot of good recipes for homemade deep treatments.
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    I just picked up Nexxus Emergencee Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor based on feedback from, Also it's fast acting and you don't have to use heat. I'll try it out tomorrow
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    A protein-based DT would be best, since you probably have some damage. Joi K-Pac Reconstructor is a classic, or you can save some money and get the Generic version from Sally's -- it's just as good. Use it with heat if you can -- the MicroHeatCap is a worthy investment (Curl Mart has them). Or you can warm a damp towel in the microwave (watch carefully, it can scorch). Or use a hair dryer.

    Be sure to follow a protein DT with a moisturizing conditioner to keep the excess protein from making your hair feel rough.

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