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Afro Detangler ingredients:
avocado/mango/shea butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, lecithin, green tea, germaben II, mild fragrance.

Available from

Only available in 1/2 gallon size - $49 + shipping (around $55)

Thanks to another 3c/4a curly for posting about this product. She also sent me a sample because I was hesitant to buy 1/2 gallon of anything I hadn't tried. Ounce for ounce it's not expensive (only about $7 per 8 oz) but you have to buy in bulk.

I initially used Afro Detangler as I would any leave-in -- on wet hair -- and it sucked. It detangled but it broke up my curls rather than clumping them. Couple of days later I tried it on 2nd day dry hair --- there are always frizzy bits over my ears and on bangs -- and loved it! I isolate a frizzy curl, rub a bit right into the curl from the end maybe halfway up, grab at the end, shake and drop. No more frizz, re-curled, and not wet enough to affect the hair around it.

I've done larger spot curling on frizzy second day hair, clipping dry okay sections out of the way. I did 2/3 of my head this way and got 3rd day hair next day. Last night I remoisturized my entire head, first clipping hair in small sections with deva clips after detangling the section with Afro Detangler, then unclipping each section and recurling by raking and shaking separate curls. It took about a 1/2 hour and dried in an hour or so. I went to bed with dry re-curled hair and got 4th day hair today; 5 minutes in the morning.

I'll shampoo tomorrow but this product washes out easily when I co-wash or nopoo.

:happy7: Likes:
Works on dry hair
Low water content means less shrinkage
Dries non-greasy, sinks into hair with no residue
Detangles and remoisturizes dry hiar, no comb needed
Encourages dry hair to curl
Excellent for coils/twists
Dispels frizz, adds shine
Healthy, simple, nourishing CG ingredients
Can style dry hair at night, style quickly in the AM
Helps hair stay moisturized so I can go 4 days between co-washes
Washes out easily with nopoo or conditioner
Supplier makes fresh

:sad3: Dislikes:
Breaks up curl on wet hair
Doesn't work as well when I just rake through, have to rake then, work each curl
Only available in 1/2 gallon size and only on-line
Good price, but you have to buy in bulk
It takes 3 weeks to arrive (it's made fresh and apparently in demand)

Rating: :love1:
I'm in love with this stuff. I recommend for 3b/3c/4a/4b hair that likes butters and oils, any hair type that needs a moisture boost or who wants to refresh 2nd day hair.
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