Curly Afro When Dry!!! Please Help!!!

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Hello Everyone,
I need help please. I use suave conditioner as a leave in and [buylink=]curls milkshake[/buylink] and IC Fantasia as stylers. This is not working for me.I am curious about the ladies with this hair type. Maybe I need to use a different gel. I like the [buylink=]milkshake[/buylink] but the gel doesn't give me the shine I want. Maybe this is the best my hair will look. If so, that's okay. Just wanted to know my options.
Wat products do you all use? I am looking for products that will define, defrizz, moisturize, and shine (I would like a little bounce but I don't think that's possible with my hair type). I was thinking about trying the [buylink=]Happy Nappy Styles[/buylink] with Herbal Essence Gel or AOMM hair jelly. What do you all think. Thanks in advance and its great to chat with other women with these issues.
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    Bump cuz I need help also.
    I've been natural for 2 yrs and some change and I still haven't found great products yet. Cantu daily shea butter moisturizer moisturizes my hair, and FOTE Aloe Vera Gel De-frizzes and Defines, but as far as shine, I dunno. I think my biggest problem is my health right now so I probably won't get good healthy shine until I handle that but I still want to know what products work for others. I'm tired of walking around looking like Miss Celie. And as far as bounce :laughing9: .

    Naw seriously, I don't think there's nothin in this world that would make my hair bounce.
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    It's usually hit or miss. You hit a few products and you miss quite a few dollars.
    First are you drying your hair with harsh shampoos?
    Second do you always condition (pre, deep and leave in)?
    My hair doesn't like oil. For others it works.
    I do better with milks and medium consistency butters. No grease!
    I prefer Qhemet Biologics olive detangler and sidr tree butter balm and Carol's Daughter milk and butter balm, and no sulphate shampoos.
    What you eat will also make a difference in your hair's health.

    Good luck!
    4a/4b and still learning
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    if your hair is naturally dry, it may be difficult to achieve the level of shine you want, but in general, for added shine you can try a little jojoba oil and also try deep treatments with honey (which may help with softness and shine over time).

    Other products you can try are:

    1. Karen's Body beautiful Hair Milk (as leave-in)

    2. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner/for DT

    3. Aubrey Organics Rosa mosqueta Shampoo (if you poo)

    4. Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner (if you co-wash)

    5. Aubrey Organics GPB/Glycogen Protein Balancer Conditioner (for co-wash or DT)

    Good Luck!
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