under eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles

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I am searching for an eye cream which is good for wrinkles and dark circles. I saw some discussion about Jurlique Arnica Cream in another topic which sounds very promising for dark circles. But, I am also interested in preventing and diminishing wrinkles. I undersatnd it might not be possible to get everything in one cream nor is it necessary. Any sugestions? Has anyone used StriVectin SD? Thanks for your inout. :)


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    Dont know about a good wrinkle cream but Vita K solution works well for my dark circles. I buy it at WalMart.
    3C Just got the BC. Went from 4 inches past shoulders to about 2 inches. love it!!
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    Sti-Vectin doesn't work on dark circles. It has helped some people with wrinkles and stretch marks. It seems to work on about 50% of the people who try it.

    I had reasonable success with Stri-Vectin on my stretch marks and on some wrinkles. According to my personal experience and what I've read about other's experiences, it doesn't seem to work very well on wrinkles in the eye area. It works better on areas of the face that have thicker skin, and on the neck.

    The company did come out with a special eye cream version, but I think they just dropped the peppermint oil. In other words, it's the same active ingredients, just no peppermint oil to irritant the sensitive skin around eyes.

    I would be interested in what other's have to say about products to reduce dark circles. I've always had them, but as I get older they're getting much worse and starting to really bug me!

    ETA: Here's the other thread Bklynme talked about. I found it interesting reading for those wanting to deal with under-eye dark circles.
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    Stri-Vectin didn't work on my undereye circles either. I'm thinking of trying Freeze 24/7 next or DermaFreeze 365 which was in Walgreens flyer today....knockoff of Freeze 24/7...but I dont think they minimize cirlces, just lines and wrinkles.
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    candycake, could you please tell me what department in Wal-Mart you buy the vita-k? I've looked before and couldn't find. Thanks!
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    Hello All,

    I know this is kind of an old thread but,.... I did try the Arnica cream with some improvement . I am still on the search for an anti-wrinkle cream. Currently I am using the Arnica with Differin (by prescripton only).

    Recently I have been hearing about a new Vichy product for the eyes with Meokine. Here is the product: /home/leaving?" class="Popup
    This is the Vichy website:/home/leaving?" class="Popup

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this product. I am very interested in a 1st hand accts. Thanks!

    orangebeach- the Vita-K cream I think your talking about comes in a wt tube with blue and dk blue. I have seen it at CVS, and Duane Reade in the skincare section. I am just not 100% sure that Vita-K is the name. GL!
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    p.s. Thanks to everyone for your past input. Especially sfcurlee, your words were very helpful!. Thanks!

    The Vita- K made me break out. But, I agree with Candycake it did help the dark circles.
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    Thanks for this thread! I have two things to try now.
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    i've been having good results with Avon Lighten Up, but i admit that dark circles aren't much of a problem for me.
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    I just saw an ad in Sundays Parade mag. Its called Hylexin. I've never heard of it but it is costly....$95. It got my attention, but not sure if I want to try it. I just came back from Paris and I'm trying a line called Vichy...its suppose to be well known in France, according to my sister who lives there. Alittle off the topic....I went to the Lush store in was so nice.....ending up buying a few things rec.on this board.
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    I love the Jurlique Arnica cream....don't get too close to eyes--made me sting. But I think it does work for dark circles. I also use Serious Skin Care line of products. or They have a product called RULINEA cream (one for the face and one for the eye). They swear that it has many of the same ingredients as Strivectin--not sure about that. But I am liking the Rulinea creme very much. I wear less makeup and less concealer. That says something. :D
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    I used to be a lifeguard and the sun has started to really show it's ugly "face"...sorry, bad pun. I've got some pesky lines now and I needed something to work under my make-up so I checked out the SkinCeuticals Eye Balm. Oh my gosh! Love it, love it, love it! I've pretty much stopped searching. It's really smoothed out my eye area.