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I have 3a/3b hair and I recently got layers. I also just started using [buylink=]DevaCurl Low-Poo[/buylink] and One Conditioner. Then I dry my hair off with a microfiber towel. and then I put in CurlFriends Leave-in Conditioner (which is really expensive, so I wouldn't mind if someone had a suggestion for a different one), then LA Looks Durahold Gel, and then Redken Fresh Curls Curl Booster spray.

But I've noticed that right after I finish my routine that my hair is really sticky. and later when it dries, it's sort of hard. It looks really nice, but it doesn't feel nice. =\ Help?

Thanks a bunch. (:


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    anyone? =\
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    Well, it could be that you might be using a little too much of all of them combined. I sometimes get stickiness when I use too much stuff.

    About the stiffness when it dries...have you tried scrunching out the stiffness? The product will still hold the curl if you scrunch out gently. I have this happen to me sometimes when I use a harder hold gel.
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