expressed breast milk that's been refrigerated

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I would like to know how others handle this. Here's a scenario: expressed breast milk on Monday and refrigerated it...brought it out of fridge on Wednesday at noon in house that's 78 degrees and gave bottle to baby at 3pm... Okay or not? My thinking is the milk will gradually get to room temp... Is it wiser/safer to remove bottle from fridge, put in warm water, and then immediately serve? How do you instruct caregivers to handle/serve your milk?
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    That bottle was okay. My practice was to warm his milk in a bowl of warm water. I instructed my sitter's to do the same. I think it's wiser to warm immediately because the good stuff in breastmilk degrades over time. No need to leave it out without being used for any longer than necessary.

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    You're fine.
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    We used a bottle warmer, so out of the fridge into the warmer and done.

    If we were out we used hot water.

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    I agree - you're ok. Lex likes his breastmilk slightly on the cold side, so bottles were never out that long anyway.
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    ive done it that way or put it in the warmer and majerle sucks it down either way!
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    subbrock wrote:
    ive done it that way or put it in the warmer and majerle sucks it down either way!

    I did the same for Chas. It was nice to take a cold bottle of breastmilk out with me and not have to worry about warming it.

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