I love em (except taking them out!). Are they good for letting you grow your hair out when you're CG/natural? Or must you start at square one in the CG routine after you take out your braids?


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    I'm using braids to grow my twa out. I do them myself and plan on putting a new set in tomorrow. I moisturize everyday by spritzing with a leave-in and I wash and condition once every two weeks.

    As for your second question, I'm not sure I completely understand. Are asking if one is natural do they have to follow the CG routine in addition to braids? If that's the question, then I say no. I've worn braids off and on this year and I've only been doing the CG routine for about a week yet my hair never suffered from doing other routines that involved sulfates or cones.
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    i don't advise people on wearing braids....i think it's important to get used to the feel of your natural hair. i think the conditioning that you can do when your hair is not in braids is key to softening it up. i guess getting extensions for a special occassion is fine but as a general rule i tell people to get reaquinted with their own hair (no briads or extensions) as it grows out....this is just my opinion... :afro:
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    For info on growing out your hair and alternating between natural and braids, see this site

    She calls it the Crown and Glory technique and has other little tips. Sometimes it's good to give your hair a rest. I'm thinking about twists extensions, maybe braids. Only issues are they shouldn't be too tight. I don't want the false hair to steal moisture from my hair. And managing the gray roots; can I color/retouch hair with braids/twists in?
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