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Hi all,

I learned about CG 2 days ago, rushed out and bought the book and am now on day 2 of no poo! OK here is the deal day 1 my hair just looked stringy! Today as I'm typing this it is drying with the clippy things on top of my head. I hope it does better today.

I'm not a curly q or even a boticcelli, My hair has always been very dry but it has the prettiest curls when scrunched when wet but always frizzy if just left to dry on its own. So I was wondering when I saw this if maybe my hair is really truly wavy.

First pooless I used Aussie co then I went and bought Infusium CO. I have been using a curly gel but after reading about silicon I'm wondering if that is in the gel. Maybe I will post the ingredients on here later.

How long before I see consistent results??? Thanks, Liz


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    You are beautiful!

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