Silicones? Build up?

Isn't build up something that occurs over time? Can you really get build up from silicones after one use? That doesn't seem possible to me. Especially using the term "build up". Build up would happen after multiple uses of a certain product, or ingredient, without removing said ingredient in between uses. Not only does it not seem possible to me that you could get "build up" after one or two uses, but if you're at least occasionally shampooing, wouldn't you not have a problem w/ build up?

I mean, your hair can react to something after one use (although that doesn't seem like a true test to me since there can be many other variables), but MOST of the time, doesn't it take a couple of uses to see the reaction?
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    Very interesting and very true. I never thought of that. You're probably right, it sounds about right.

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    Yeah, when I'm feeling for build-up in the shower after using a silicone product, what I think is build up is probably all in my head..but I still end up shampooing my hair vigorously :bounce:
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    I use the -xane silicone a couple times a week & don't feel anything, but I also shampoo a couple times a week. :?
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    I mean, don't get me wrong, I can totally "feel" cyclopentasiloxane in my hair when I use it - but it's pretty much that I'm feeling the conditioner going on differently. I *think* I need to shampoo it out b/c the conditioner isn't working the way it should, but that obsession is probably all in my head.

    Overall, shampoos are made to remove what is in the conditioner, right? So if you are using corrosponding shampoos and conditioners, you should be removing what could build up. Unless of course you're saturating your hair with multiple cone products.
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    I totally agree with that, babywavy!
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