Guy needing some general tips

Im a guy with long hair so I dont have much experience with hair care in general.
About 2.5 years ago I decided I wanted to see what my hair looked like long. It's now down past my shoulders and probably as long as its going to get and not look silly.

My hair type is very thin, very light and possibly a little dry. My hair is straight upto about my shoulders but it curls and sometimes waves after there.
I wash my hair almost every day with off the shelf shampoo + conditioner.
I then just comb it out and stick it into a pony tail while damp and leave it.

When bunched up its ok but wearing it loose is not an option outside as it is far too whispy and ends up all over the place within minutes and sort of splays out into a poofy mess at the ends.
Firstly what can I do to give it more weight and body?.

On a similar note I get rather bad surface frizz (got the type from another thread) when its wet or damp or sometimes for no apparent reason. It looks like a jungle of singular hairs going every which way enveloping my head.
Any remedies for this?.

Lastly the biggest problem is with my pony tail which is how I wear it most of the time.
When I get up in the mornings and replace the band my hair is neat and smooth on top (most of the time) then I have a big wild mass of angry hair at the ends which makes for a very untidy pony tail. Ive tried combing it out and mousse/spray/gelling it out but while these may reduce the volume they dont fix the every which way jungle of it.
I would just like to get it consistently neat in the morning.

Funny thing is I have developed a rather compulsive habit of pulling my PT over my left shoulder and twirling it endlessly around my left index finger which ironically leads to an almost perfect cylinder of neat, tight curls by the end of the day.

Thanks for the help.


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    invest in a good conditioner and curl product like jessicurl or devacurl

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    You might try plopping, or doing something to lift the roots like fluffing or scrunching, and the curl might go up further.

    Do some searching on this site and also there's a sight called Long Hair Community That has a some long hair guys where you can get advice and learn about hair care too
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    Hi there,

    I second the idea of a trim. That might sort your wispy ends out.

    You might want to try giving the comb a miss, and using just ur fingers with conditioner to detangle, or maybe a very wide toothed comb.

    If you like the curls, which it sounds like you do, you could try leaving a little conditioner in when wet, adding some nice curly product, gel or mousse is good, and then not touching at all til bone-dry.

    Since your curls respond well to finger curling, you could try curling a few bits round your finger when wet, then leaving it to hang that way til dry.

    Good luck

    Liz x
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