salon in MD?

I seem to be a 2a and need a good cut to enhance what little curl I have. Anyone have a recommendation in MD or nearby? thanks :cheese:

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    If you're in the Annapolis area go to Jecelin at Image Creators in Severna Park. She's the one who encouraged me to grow from super short to past my shoulders and taught me how to be a curly. I never had her steer me wrong. She listens and will tell you if what you want is possible, or is completely wrong for your hair.

    I moved to Nevada 8 weeks ago and although I love it here, I dreaded the search for a new hair stylist. I swear it's worse than finding a new doctor!
    Couple of inches past shoulder length 3A. Shampoo every 3rd or 4th day w/ baby shampoo; Tigi Fashionista conditioner; back to Condition 3-in-1 mousse . Alternate days water rinse, conditioner and mousse.
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    YES! I think I found a good one! :wav:

    I looked at the CurlSalons recommendations for Bethesda and went to Veronica at BackStage Hair Designers, I think it's 7700 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, right before the intersection at Woodmont. Across from a parking lot! I really liked the cut! She looked at my hair, played with it a bit, told me that she wouldn't want to cut it much, because she wanted me to be able to put it up, and showed me all sorts of great ways to do it. Anyway, she did a nice job with the cut, sort of following the Deva cut I had had 4 months ago, but cutting pieces in the front to suit me better. She just wet the ends a bit so she could cut it, since it was a bit of a mess when I walked in. She then looked at it dry to see how it looked and shaped some parts again. She paid alot of attention, and I like the cut. Really good. Then I was flabbergasted - it cost only $35! Maybe it wasn't $60 as posted because I didn't have a shampoo? Anyway, nice salon, good location, only $35. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HER! She also doesn't go wild with cutting, so I doubt you'd ever get 2 inches cut off if you asked for only 1. It's too soon to tell if it will hold its shape as it grow out.

    I had gone to Devachan in NY the last time, and while it was a good cut, it was $130 (althogh they quoted me $115 when I made the appointment 4 days prior!), and they push the products (which, in my humble opinion, are just awful). Plus the hassle of getting to NY. I had resolved to try EVERY one of the stylists in MD if I had to, to find someone good. And I found one on the first try!

    A caution: Veronica told me that she knows how to cut curly hair because she herself has curly hair (3b or so), but she doesn't feel comfortable cutting really curly African American hair, since she got her expertise in curly hair by cutting her own.
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