Spell check feature?

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Would it be possible to add a spell check feature to the message boards. I hate it so much when I type a message, look over it and submit it only to have to go and edit a spelling error that I made.
What do you think? Would it be possible?

Oh, and I have to say that this site is unbelievable. I have learned so much and enjoy coming here often (I am an addict). Thanks for this site.


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    I've noticed how some other boards have that feature, and wish ours did, too. It'd be nice if we could catch our errors before we posted.

    Anyway, such a feature is not available for our board as far as I know, but I'll check to see if an update has come out.

    Thanks for the suggestion! And thanks for your nice comments; we're glad to have you.
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    fakecurlz - at least you take the time to edit your posts which is more than can be said for a lot of people. As lorelei said in her thread in the hair forum, well written posts are much easier to read!
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    I totally agree with what she said. It is so hard to read some of those posts.

    u c cuz itz hard to read um

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    Good points, all. I can't find anything on our bulletin board software that allows for spellchecking. Bummer.
    But I'll keep hunting.
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    Thanks for looking Gretchen. I just thought I would bring up the thought since I saw it on another board before and thought "Hmm, this would be such a nice feature on my favorite board at naturallycurly.com"
    Thanks again. smile.gif

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