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i have 3b hair with layers. i put spray gel, sometimes mousse in. i usually air dry, but when it dries while its down, the top half gets pulled down by the weight and ends up not-so-pretty. so i usually put it up in a bun, ponytail, or clip, but then the top half is flatter than the rest as a result of being pulled back. does anyone have any tips, or know any styling products that would make my layers and the hair by my roots stick out more?
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    You can try doing things upside down.
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    It usually pulls down whenever I stand up, but thanks for the tip.
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    Have you tried pinning/clipping the sections of the top layer like in CG? I find this is really helpful for building volume in the roots!

    check out this link for more info-

    Hope this helps! :clown:
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