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This B&stard that works in my office told me about 3 times how much he hates my hair and he feels like he wants to burn it. today he came near my hair with a lighter ( no fire). It pissed me off , but i just ignored him nicely.
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Effing B&stard
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    I would so report him to HR and your supv. That is completely unacceptable behavior bordering on psychopath!
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    Yes, report him to HR straight away. That is a hostile work environment, and they'll tell him to stop all his actions immediately.
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    That's ASSAULT and it is a crime (at least in this country).
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    Wow! That is really creepy. I would definitely report him to Human Resources or a supervisor.
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    I work in an HR dept, so I know your complaint will be taken seriously. Do something about him, he needs to be stopped.
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    That is a violent threat and ITA borders on psychopathic. Report it to HR, tell his manager.
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    YIKES!!! Report this guy! There's no need to take this kind of abuse in the workplace. He sounds seriously disturbed to say the least!!! And if nothing is done about it, get out of that job for your own safety!
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    I cant believe that someone would have so much hatred for curly hair, or just hair in general. that's outrageous.
  • O d d i s y~O d d i s y~ Registered Users Posts: 1,042
    yeah but wont people think im such a sensitive woman ? This place is flocked with *his* people...
    And the end of the day , all you've got is yourself..:headbang:
  • AmandacurlsAmandacurls Registered Users Posts: 6,252 Curl Neophyte
    Um no, they would not, and if they did you can then take further action, but go to HR directly, please! That's horrible what he did.
  • RozettaStoneRozettaStone Registered Users Posts: 698 Curl Connoisseur
    You really have to report this. And it should be handled by HR in confidence. Please tell them exactly what he has said and done and how it makes you feel and don't try to soft-pedal it for fear of looking "weak." He's hostile and making violent threats. If he does/says/hints at anything else or you notice anything else peculiar, be sure to report that, too. And always trust your instincts.

    You should keep a log of all of this stuff, with dates, and also take notes on your discussion with HR. I hope he gets his ass fired.
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    You should say something to HR. You don't deserve the harrassment and abuse (and that's just what it is). How many times is it he going to say before he does? And he has been thinking about it if he's gone so far as to bring out a lighter even if it was unlit.

  • Botticelli VenusBotticelli Venus Registered Users Posts: 109
    Do you have a manager? Maybe try telling them first. If this guy IS the manager you have a problem...

    Yes you should certainly report him. Be prepared he isn't gonna like it, but now they'll be watching him and he won't dare do anything again. You are better off telling them than not.

    I complained about somebody I had to work closely with who kept asking me personal questions all day long and distracting me from my work. I did not do it in a mean way but told them very definitely it made me uncomfortable, and I didn't think anybody should be made to feel uncomfortable at work. It made her p.o.'d that I did it but I just ignored it and continued to be friendly with her, just not if she asked any more questions. She learned to stop it and when a new space opened up I got to move my desk away from her.

    Problem solved.
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  • ~GypsyCurls~~GypsyCurls~ Registered Users Posts: 351
    That's creepy. I know it may be uncomfortable but you need to do something. Good luck!
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