Should I get a good cut before I start growing my hair out?

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Right now my hair is all one length a little past my shoulders. The all one length thing is not going well. My question is should I let my hair grow to the length I want it first and then get a good cut, or should I get a good cut now, so it looks good while it is growing out?


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    If you don't like the look of all one length, but you're still trying to grow it longer, you can either explore different up-dos or get some long layers cut into it. Just make sure to go to someone who understands exactly what you want and knows how to cut curly hair....
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    I transitioned for about 4 months then had my hairdresser cut like 2 inches of hair. I think its the best thing I did and I believe my progress has alot to do with not having any split ends.
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    I'd say yes, if you can communicate well with your haircutter. The long layers idea sounds perfect, and will insure that your hair will grow out well without getting the dreaded pyramid effect(which often depends on just how curly your hair is to begin with). But beware that the cutter just doesn't cut you to a very much shorter length over all, which would negate the progress you've made so far. They should be able to do this without taking tons off of your hair.
    I'm almost at the point of wanting to go for a trim, after not having gotten my hair cut(aside from my own bang-trimming at home!). But my hair is at an awkward length right now, and I don't want to sacrifice any, so I might have to grit my teeth for a few months longer before getting that trim!
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