Embarassing nipple question

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Over the past month or two, I've gradually phased out breastfeeding. I don't think DS has nursed at all for about a week now. Here's the question: My nipples have been super-itchy. They're a bit red and rashy looking too. Could this somehow be related to quitting breastfeeding? Or is it possibly something like thrush? Should I use lotion or something?


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    I wonder if it's like your nipples going back to normal you know like when a soar starts to heal and it's really itchy but I don't know I only breast fed for a few weeks with son number 1
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    Never happened to me when I weaned. I say it's worth giving your doc a call.
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    If they're itchy and burn-y feeling, it's probably a yeast overgrowth (thrush). Since you're no longer nursing, you could try just putting a little bit of Monistat cream on them. If it's yeast, they should start feeling better right away.
  • sarah42sarah42 Posts: 4,034Registered Users
    There's no burny feeling, just itchy. It's been better the past day or two. I think I'll try to wait it out a little longer and see what happens; I got no time to go to the doctor.