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I am consistently disappointed by the only magazine I am willing to by each month, Cosmo, and their lack of understanding and features on or about curly hair. There are rarely curly-haired models in their photographs either. I recently went to :protest: and told them of this and suggested a few things they could look at to educate themselves and some tips to maybe feature more curly haired models in their issues. If any of you feel lead to do so as well, feel free. I feel that since supposedly 65% of women have curly or wavy hair they are helping to promote the straight = beautiful message.

Thanks my curly sisters!

P.S. Check out the September 2007 issue of Cosmo in the section "25 Hottest Hairstyles".


  • AmandacurlsAmandacurls Registered Users Posts: 6,252 Curl Neophyte
    Once again the October Issue of Cosmo featured styles only for straight hair. It also implied that in order to be seriously considered for a job you would need straight hair. I sent them another comment asking them to please at least consider doing a piece on curly hair at some point in the future!
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    Good luck! I never liked Cosmo. One of my older cousins always bought it, so I read a lot of it. Most of the articles, esp. about relationships, are recycled. Throughout a year of reading Cosmo, each month the magazine would contradict something that was written in the last month's issue. As far as hair and models are concerned, I think the magazine pictures the women that it would like to be its audience. Almost everyone in cosmo seems to be white, have the same straight or obviously fake wavy hair and similar facial features. It seems to represent an ideal that is no longer ideal for everyone.
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