want to place a curlmart order - does this haul sound good?

and is there anything I am leaving out that I should try?

Here is what is in my cart so far:

Elucence Clarifying poo (for experiments gone bad or after last minute moment-of-weakness cone applications)

Elucence Balancing Condish

Curl Junkie Curly Boost Curl Enhancer (the title just sounds so good! LOL)

CHS Curlkeeper

I am a 2B but extremely fine so get weighed down easy BUT I also "fluff" easy (did that makes sense?) I need a little weight to give some texture but not so much that the curl falls out. So bascially at this point I think I am having the most trouble with curl enhancement - and other than Deva stuff, I haven't tried ANYTHING from CurlMart so I'm open to suggestions!

Oh, and AG:recoil has been in and out of my cart - just the price and mixed fine-haired curlies reviews keep me from leaving it in there....

very fine hair-daily humidity battle
2B so far, wash daily w/gentle poo, clarify wkly
Current faves: EMBC, Mop C poo, LOOB, Recoil, CK, HE BE gel


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    Mop Top anti-frizz gel. It has a very light hold, but I find it very curl enhancing. If you need a little more hold, Mop Top's Fuzzy Duck gel is great.
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    Ooh, tell me how the Curl Junkie works out for you. I've never tried that one, and I love the name. I think you'll love the Elucence. I have really fine hair too, and that one left my hair looking really nice and full.