Annoying log in process... am I the only one?

SpinCycleSpinCycle Registered Users Posts: 724
Every time I want to make a post to the forums, I have to manually clear my cookies, then log in. I've tossed my cookies, emptied my cache and it's still not helping. I used to be able to either log in or set it to automatically log in.

I haven't heard anyone else mention this, so I figured I'd post something here about it. Thanks. :)
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    I'll ask Smart Guy to step in; he might have some ideas.

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    I am also having log in issues. I log in but it does not log me so I do it again and I am logged in. But it wont save the log me in in the future even when I check it off.
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    I'm having this problem! I find it's only when I'm using Firefox and if I view a topic I'm watching it doesn't "log" it so I don't get an email alert when someone else posts on that thread. So, I've ended up missing posts on topics I'm watching and I have to log in every time I want to make a post. I've tried clearing my cookies, but it hasn't worked.

    Any suggestions would be great!!


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