Devacurl Low-Poo & Jessicurl HCC

KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
I have tried both of these several times (dropped them and returned to them) and I have gotten different results from them. I keep on hearing different results from members on the board too so I was thing I'll post mine here and see if others will follow..
And I also keep on seeing people asking what the difference is between these two.

The first time around I tried this was just when I had started CG and it wasn't enough to deal with my back then pretty oily scalp. I had to give it up.
I went back to it again here and at first it seemed very promising but then it just left my hair a big frizz ball. :shock:(ETA: and really straw like feeling.) I always thought that this would be milder on my hair than the HCC but it doesn't seem to be.
It does seem to be less drying on the scalp some how..I don't get it.
It has one cleanser in it and it is supposed to only be 5%.

I first tried this after a couple of months on "full" CG and it seemed very drying on my scalp. Didn't leave my hair too dry or anything it seemed.
I used it again here when my hair got over conditioned and while it can leave my scalp a bit dry my hair always comes out really soft and non frizzy from it. Even if I use it twice (not common). I always thought that the HCC was "harsher" (pardon the strong word) than the Low-Poo but it doesn't seem like it with my hair anyways.
Has two cleansers in it.

ETA: I should add that my hair seems to go better with the Jessicurl products in general and the Devacurl products have slowly showed that they don't work well with my hair (except for Angell which I like).
ETA: Okay I can't spell...

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  • miacurlmiacurl Registered Users Posts: 332
    I posted both, but I cannot use either one as the ONLY cleanser, because then I react to something (who knows what). So I switch off with Hcc, Deva NO-POO, and spot wash with Suave Green Apple (like 1x per month). I won't order the LOw poo again, only because I just purchase health food store poos or something to that effect.
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  • sherizzsherizz Registered Users Posts: 29
    low poo for sure....
  • lushaholiclushaholic Registered Users Posts: 2,180
    Kurlee, you're probably already doing this when you use the Low-Poo, but were you coating the bottom half of your hair/ends with One Condish or Elucence? I would think that would help with the dryness. But you're probably doing that already. I know it's not necessary to do it with the no-poo but, I often lightly spread some on when using HCC or Low-Poo, but not everytime.
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  • KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
    Yep, I tried to coat the ends but my whole head (hair) got super dry from it. I almost heard it scream. :wink: :P :wink:
    I did a DT today, but my hair still isn't back to normal. I will have to be very nice to it for a while. Bummer.

    Funny because I think I remember you saying that you thought that the Low-Poo was "harsher" than the HCC and I thought the other way around. Now, it sems you are right. :wink: At least between our two heads.

  • SpiralliSpiralli Registered Users Posts: 3,684 Curl Connoisseur
    I usually put a cheap CG-friendly condish on the length of my hair first (now using WREB), then apply the HCC, then finish with [buylink=]Aloeba[/buylink]. I don't rinse the first condish out before applying the HCC. This has helped me get my hair clean without the major fluff that I usually get when I wash my hair. I think I will only be doing this temporarily though to get through what happens with my hair in the the drier heated air.
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  • LadydncingLadydncing Registered Users Posts: 964
    I voted for both.

    I absolutely love both for different reasons!
    No poo really cleanses my scalp. I love the
    tingling feeling. :)
    When I crave lather, I grab Jessicurl. It lathers
    up for me just like shampoo for some reason
    plus it's aromatherapy for me. I love the scent! :)
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  • RainRain Registered Users Posts: 217 Curl Neophyte
    Neither really worked for me. I loved everything about HCC except for the insane itching and flaking. Low Poo also made me itch and felt a little too drying.
    3a/b, fine, lots of it

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