2b/3a? pics included...

I already posted in a couple others threads today saying that I was a 2b wave with 3a curl. Now I'm not sure!

I'm new! So, um, hi, lol!

What do you think...

Here is a couple pics, as it is now. Don't laugh, I'm all wide-eyed for some damn reason, lol...

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Here is what it looks like when it's longer...

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Ignore the ugliness, lol.

Sorry if the size kills your dial up!

Thanks for the input!:)
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  • texasgal71texasgal71 Posts: 67Registered Users
    You definitely look like you have fine hair so the way I interpret the "system" is that you are a "2". And you definitely have some ringlets amongst some very healthy waves so I would say 2B or 2C. Cute hair!

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    I would say you definitely have the potential to be a 3a.
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  • 23 Skiddoo23 Skiddoo Posts: 337Registered Users
    Your hair still curls when it's really short, so I'm thinking you're mostly 3a. Your hair looks very fine and a little dry and tangly in the long-haired pictures, so I bet that's what weighs it down and makes it appear less curly. My hair does that too.
  • Oregano  (formerly babywavy)Oregano (formerly babywavy) Posts: 5,297Registered Users
    Mostly 3a - though most people have 2 textures, and when they're a 3a, it tends to be 2c/3a curls and waves.

    3a hair examples are Julia Roberts, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Left to not much product or styling, and it's more wavy, but with products, and encouragement, your hair becomes much curlier. This hair also gets curlier the longer it gets. When 3a's cut their hair short, they end up having a harder time getting their hair to form curls. It needs to be longer to form curls b/c the "S" patterns are more stretched out.

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    babywavy-That's it exactly, lol!

    Thank you everyone for the input!
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