Eating healthy at work

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How do you guys eat healthy at work? I try to make smart choices and then afterwards realize I made really bad ones!

What are some "safe" foods in the cafeteria, and snacks?



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    I don't have a cafeteria at work, but I do have fast food within walking distance and an evil vending machine, so I understand! I try to keep healthy snacks in my desk and office fridge to keep myself from running to the vending machine.

    I usually have these things on hand:
    -individual sized packages of nuts
    -healthy trail mix in individual packages
    -Cliff bars (for when I forget my lunch)
    -granola bars
    -string cheese
    -low fat yogurt
    -diet soda in cans (not healthy, but prevents me from going to the vending area when I need some caffeine and being tempted by candy bars :bounce:)
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    I plan ahead :)

    I bring the same breakfast everyday (apples and cinnamon oatmeal and add blueberries). I have a yogurt and maybe an apple mid morning and a sandwhich or Smartone for lunch. I keep healthy snacks in the work fridge like hummus, sunchips and carrots.

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    Definitely plan ahead. I know our cafeteria has a hot meal line that usually contains a lean meat and vegetables or you can even buy a all vegetable meal. Even better is to bring your lunch. This way you know exactly how it was cooked.

    Plan for the munchies. Brink a snack that will satisfy you. I get hungry around 3:00. Diet coke and popcorn usually does it for me. Not great but better than a candy bar. Mid morning, hunger...usually fruit.

    Make sure you bring breakfast or eat breakfast at home. If you forgot...usually a cafeteria has yogurt and fresh fruit. I would avoid anything cooked or the pastries or bagels.

    Drink tons of water.
  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
    One more thing, if you want. Treat yourself. Let yourself eat out once a week or get something in the cafeteria that you love. Knowing that you can do this...helps you stick to a healthy eating habit all week.

    I usually let myself eat out for lunch once a week. Saves money and I feel like I've treated myself.

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