You don't LOOK pregnant.

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I guess this is the opposite of what Bailey was hearing. I went to stores this weekend looking for furniture for the baby and when the people asked who was pregnant and I said me, they'd say "Wow, you don't look pregnant at all." Granted, I was wearing baggy pants and tops, but still, I don't look like my usual self. I was quite tempted to say "What, do I look just fat then??"

Anyone else not show for a while? I mean, I'm still only 5 1/2 months, so I'd think I look about average for where I am.


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    yeah, I got that all the time and it kind of bugged me, too. I thought I was looking huge, but no one else did. I didn't really get stranger comments on being pregnant until into the third trimester - maybe 30 weeks or so.

    I appreciate it more now because it makes getting back into shape a lot easier!
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    I was quite tempted to say "What, do I look just fat then??"

    I would have. :laughing9:

    When I wear loose clothes, I don't think I look very pregnant either. Maybe they were trying to pay you a compliment by saying you're not very big.
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    I got that a lot, up until 6 months (or was it 7). I just smiled and said thank you. Then one day the comments became, "due any day now, huh?" :lol:
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    Thanks guys! I feel better - I've been feeling like an oddball! I guess in an odd sort of way it's a backhanded compliment, but it's still just weird how people think they can just say anything to a pregnant lady!!

    Bailey - I've got a few of those up my sleeves for when I'm really feeling cranky!!!
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    I got that for baby #1 until 7 months. I felt I looked chubby - not pregnant. It was the way I carried too - all over.

    This time, I got none of that. I swear I looked pregnant the day after we conceived! LOL :laughing9:

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    My SIL never looked pregnant. She has a superlong torso and she never really got the stomach that grew outward much, it just expanded vertically. She lived in her DH's jeans and t-shirts and you couldn't tell at all she was pregnant. She never even got big enough to buy maternity clothes and she ended up having an average weight and above average length baby girl. And if that doesn't get ya, she was back in her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans in a matter of weeks without doing anything!!

    5 1/2 months isn't very far along for showing much anyways.