New here

I've been fighting my wavy hair for several years. As a child, my hair was bone straight - not a chance it would even hold a curl with hairspray. Hormones, age and 2 babies has given me wavy hair. As I've grown my hair longer (shoulder length it is now, and that's the longest it's ever been), I started noticing a wavy underlayer of hair that would not go away - no iron, product, etc would get rid of it. Then I found the CG book on a blog and checked it out from the library. Well, I'm not a great stylist and the idea of wash and go hair was a great incentive to let my hair go curly/wavy. I'm on day 2. So far, so good.

However, I do have a question - I have baby-fine, really thin hair as well as it being wavy. Any tips? Is once a week shampooing really enough considering my hair is so fine? Normally I've shampooed every other day on a regular basis, but by day 2 my hair looks pretty greasy.

I went through my hair products and threw out the bad stuff. Temporarily I've bought a shampoo, conditioner and gel that while not perfect, are pretty good when compared with the list in the CG book. I'm interested to try some of the products at the CurlMart.

Thanks! Any tips from other wavy, fine and thin girls would be appreciated.