Parafin, Jojoba, Parabens...

Between conditioning I use jojoba oil to the ends of my hair. I've been hoping to find out more about oils, but haven't seen much info(maybe I'm looking in the wrong place)

My conditioner is pretty heavy duty, and contains parafin- Anyone used products containing parafin? How have they been? Is it terrible for hair?

I'm particular about toxins in beauty products - mostly Parabens as they are poisonous for our reproductive systems (and mine has issues anyway), and wow, they are in everything! Of course the sulfates are toxic too (not just bad for hair)
along with Antifreeze! (propylene glycol) How can companies put this stuff in all of our products???

So in short, oil and parafin- opinions?

Wonderful products sans toxins?

3b, lover of jojoba oil.