Does Devacurl dry out your hair?

I am a big champion of these products and while my curls looked great, my hairdresser also pointed out to me that the stuff was building up on the ends (she could feel it) and the ends look sort of dried out and sticking together and after shampooing the stuff is STILL in there a little bit.

This is sad news for me, as I like to wear my hair both curly and straight, and thought I was doing the condition a big favor by not using shampoo and brushing, etc. and that Devcurl would rinse right out. So I had been wearing it that way pretty consistently. Now I find that is not so.

Too bad because it gave me great curls, but it also cost a lot-- not the individual products -- but I had to use 4 of them each time to get it to look right. And it didn't do ANYthing for my hair's condition.

Going to have to use hydrating stuff now (and this will NOT enhance any curl) and comb it to get the cuticle to calm down (all the scrunching ruffled it up too.)

So, over to the straight hair board for me! (I do not use a hot iron or blow fry it to straighten, I wrap it.) See some of you over there! :salute:
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    I just recently discovered that I had this problem! I've been using the Deva stuff for about a year now and am finding out that it's really drying to my hair. And I was getting a lot of breakouts on the sides of my face from the A-cone in the One-C. I got some of the MopTop and that seems to be giving me great hair. Didn't have much luck with the Jessicurl line except the [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] makes a great Deep Co for me. Perhaps you should try a different line. One without the a-cone if you're getting build-up.
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    A long time ago, a hairstylist used the Deva (the original) line on me. I believe the conditioner was used as both a shampoo and conditioner. I didn't like it. I thought it was just me and maybe it is. :wink: I felt like it induced frizz and was too light. But my hair does better with a heavy conditioner that has the feel of lotion. The only one that ever worked for me was [buylink=]JC Too Shea[/buylink]. I usually have the problem of conditioners leaving too much build up or not being heavy enough. I agree with the previous poster -- try another line.
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    i just had a deva cut and the stylist used one of the deva gels on my hair. my hair was dry and sticky (after only one time) and it took me a couple of shampoos to get it out. it also does have a silicone in it (which always breaks my hair, so i usually avoid them, but i called the salon and they told me that it only has a small amount of silicone in it - less than 5% - and everyone seemed to love it so much that i tried it.) i did get a fair amount of breakage, it was hard to get out - and i wouldn't do it again. (ps: i don't like the haircut, either. i have long hair and i'm thinking that maybe it works well on shorter hair - but i hate the way it looks on mine. oh well.)