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LenaLovelyLenaLovely Posts: 6Registered Users
At my school almost everyone has straight hair
and i have always wanted to fit in and ive been streighteing my hair for 2 years.
I wouldnt go out of the house with my hair down ever..and i tried to use straighteing shampoos but they only made my hair extremly frizzy. I used to always wear my hair up in a bun and my parents never liked it and always told my i looked like an old lady witht that kind of hair.
I didnt know what to do cuz i never had time to straighten it.
But then i realized that my curly hair is gorgeouse and that i dont need to hide it and straighten it.
all the guys always tell me to streighten my hair and it tottaly looks waay better straight. but i disagree. and it tottaly bugs me cuz only one of my friends actually likes culry hair and wears is curly but my other friend tottaly likes my hair straight my hair is a 3A and i really like it but i dont know what to tell all my friends.
I am 14 years old and i am a hair type 3A and i have dark brown hair.
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  • neonrainbowneonrainbow Posts: 41Registered Users
    I'm glad you realized your hair is gorgeous. I think it's better to be unique. :) If a guy only likes you when you straighten your hair, I don't think he's worth it.
  • misschrystamisschrysta Posts: 22Registered Users
    I totally know how you feel. I used to relax and straighten my hair, and I got so many compliments with it! It seemed like guys liked me a lot better with straight hair, but sometimes I would ask my guy friends liked me better with curly or straight hair, and a lot of them said curly. I was very happy about this, but still straightened my hair for the guys I liked that liked me better with straight hair!!! Ugggh, the whole thing is wicked frustrating. I knowhow you feel.Now that I've decided to go natural, I'm dealing with lots of different textures and having trouble hiding the straight pieces (they are SOOO visible). I regret even straightening my hair in the first place, but I thought it was the best thing to do when I was like 11 and afraid to wear my curly hair out! WOW I've written a lot. Haha, bottom line is, wear that 3A hair out and curly and show it off! You're friends will be happy to see you're happy with your hair. And when you are happy with your hair, you're a lot more confident! I know it! Plus, your curly hair will make you stand out, and then the REAL/good guys will holla at you because u stand out naturally.
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    i always have my hair curly but whenever i do straighten it everyone likes it better that way. I love my curls and though sometimes i wish it was straight i prefer curls. i don't care how anyone prefers my hair. i like it curly
  • pearlizedpearlized Posts: 25Registered Users
    I think it's nice to mix it up. Maybe have your hair straight one or two days a week, and the rest of the time, leave it curly.
  • judystartsfiresjudystartsfires Posts: 32Registered Users
    Do people actually tell you to straighten your hair because it looks better straight? Nobody's ever done that to me without warning, they've told me they like my hair better straight when I ask.
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    guesssssssssss whattttt

    im sitten next to you, and ur being a total psycho

    alsoalsoalso im the one whomade u wear ur hair curly, never forget that xD
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    thats how everyone here is too. If i straighten my hair theyre like "wow your hair looks soo good" and im like why are curls ugly? why is something different not noticed, but when you conform to look like everyone else its noticed!
  • MoopyMoopy Posts: 16Registered Users
    I used to straighten my hair all the time, but it never actually got straight... more like poofy and gross. But personally, I think curls are down right gorgeous! Straight hair can be pretty, but it gets so boring, not just because it just sits there and does nothing but because almost everyone has it. Wear your hair curly! A boy who's worth your time will love it :wink:
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